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Experience Lebanon in one day with MOOVTOO
Experience Lebanon in one day with MOOVTOO
Editorial Team

Travel is about exploring the world. It’s about getting to know new places, experiencing new things, and meeting new people. Because of the sheer number of sights to see, some people like to start out with an organized tour.

So, if you have little time to visit Lebanon, whether you’re only here for the weekend or a few days, we can make sure that you make the most out of it.

Call on our team as we take you on the trip of your life! We do not only organize tours we make sure that you experience Lebanon in an exciting and efficient way.

8:00 - Eight o’clock sharp, a bus picks us up from our offices. Our guide, Jamal introduces himself and announces the program: we will be visiting the ruins of Baalbeck, followed by a lunch in Zahlé, wine tasting in Ksara and finally a walk in Anjar, the last Umayyad site in Lebanon.

The mood is set, the customer is king, and Jamal’s professionalism is unquestionable.

Thousands of years of history in one morning

8 :30 - A few minutes after leaving Beirut, Jamal starts giving us details about the roads and the buildings we are passing by. After going up and down the mountain, we arrive at the Bekaa valley and make a stop at Chtaura. Jamal takes us to a creamery where we have a yummy fresh labneh sandwich, some traditional ice-cream or just a cup of Turkish coffee.

10 :30 - Back on the road, it is not long before we get to Baalbeck. It is impossible for you to go to Lebanon without visiting Baalbeck, the old Héliopolis. The visit of this amazing site, along with the explanations of our guide, is breathtaking. Jamal gives us time to take walks, a few pictures, kindly answers our questions and gives us more details.
The exciting tour leaves us hungry. Luckily, lunch is next on our trip.

For all tastes…

12 :30 - We get to Zahlé, famous for its mezzes. We sit on a table on a shadowy terrace while we start witnessing an avalanche of mezzes. Salads, fatayer, cheese rolls and many other delights turn our lunch into a feast.

While the waiters rush to fill our plates, I get to meet the other tourists. Several profiles: two Finnish, two French, on a five day vacation in Lebanon, a group of three Americans, two of which are originally from Bengal, one Austrian, all of them living in the United Arab Emirates and visiting for the weekend, a Swiss couple, a Turkish mother and daughter, and a New Yorker on vacation.

All these people have one thing in common: the inability to stay for long in Lebanon and the desire to see as much of it as possible.
A medley of fruit puts an end to our meal, adding a little taste of paradise to our day. Satisfied and refreshed, we set out for Ksara.

2 :30 - Nothing better than a small wine tasting to end your meal. After a visit to the caves, there we are, sitting at the bar and tasting the famous Ksara wines. Rosé, white and red, we taste all different kinds of wine (in moderation, don’t worry.) After this friendly and entertaining stop, we go back to our bus.

4 :00 - Here we are in Anjar, the last remaining vestiges of the Umayyad era in Lebanon. The view is amazing: the ruins rise majestically in the middle of a pine forest; few tourists are present. The walk is relaxing, and one more time, the comments of our guide take our full attention. While leaving, we stop at a souvenirs shop run by Armenians where we can indulge in some shopping at unbeatable prices.

6 :00 - Back to Beirut. Cars await to drive us back. Jamal warmly says goodbye. Nothing to say, the service was impeccable.

MOOVTOO is the ideal solution when you don’t have enough time to visit the country. With its daily tours to the Bekaa region, the North and South, you can admire the beauty of the country with no worries in one day, and discover the different facets of Lebanon.

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